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Banjo Capos

Reso Capos Numbered.jpg
  1. Paige Original Banjo Capo - This "yoke" style capo works particularly well on banjos. Since most banjos have a flat fingerboard radius, the centered yoke style puts equal pressure on the strings. This capo stores behind the nut when not in use. It usually requires two hands to operate effectively. It is a simple design, but works very effectively on a wide variety of instruments. 

  2. Paige Clik Banjo Capo - A similar style to the original, this capo has a built-in tension release - their "Clik" system. It is similar in function in all other ways. 

  3. Strum Hollow 5th String Capo - Since 5-string banjos have a short 5th string, they need a separate capo for just that one string. While some techniques are tried and true - like tapping in miniature railroad spikes that the 5th string can be hooked under - this little device requires no modifications to the banjo. The string slides into the brass slot and the thumb wheel is tightened to keep it from moving. The thumb screw is white plastic, but can be colored in with a permanent marker to make it less conspicuous. When not in use, it can be stored past the nut - attached to a string.

*Not pictured - Shubb C5b Capo - This lever-action banjo capo is loved by many but lacks the ability to be stored on the banjo when it is not in use.

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