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Gear Corner

  • Mandolin - Ibanez  M510-BS - Sharon is hoping to pass this along to someone who will give it a good home and some playing time! Although not pictured, she does have the tailpiece cover that was taken off to facilitate string changes. 

  • Resonator Guitar - Flinthill Square Neck -  Here's Tito's description: For sale is a Flinthill square neck Resonator Guitar that was modified by Paul Beard. Before selling these guitars, Paul would remove the factory resonator cone, bone nut, pick up and spider bridge and replace them with the better quality parts he used in his guitars. When I was taking lessons from Mike Auldridge, he played this guitar and even he was pleased with the way it sounded. This guitar is in excellent condition having spent most of its life on a stand, the only flaw is at the base of the neck where a small section of the body has a small crack. This does not affect the guitar and has been that way as long as I have owned the guitar (24 years).

What's included with the guitar:
1. TKL Guitar case
2. Sabine AX2000 contact tuner (attached to guitar body)
3. Fender Auto Chromatic LX-12 Tuner
4. 3 sets of D'Addario EJ42 Phosphorus Bronze guitar strings
5. Guitar string pro-winder and clipper
6. Dunlop 925 tone bar
7. 3 Golden Gate thumb picks & 4 ProPik finger picks
8. Guitar neck cleaner brush
9. Guitar polishing cloth
10. Rosin
11. Teach yourself Dobro book
12. Guitar shoulder strap
13. Ultra Guitar stand

Everything needed to play is included, the only thing not included is your time to play it!I live in Olney and I can bring it to the Bluegrass Jam if you would like to see or play it.     

  • Banjo - Gretsch G9400 Broadkaster Deluxe - The Gretsch G9400 Broadkaster Deluxe is a 5-string resonator banjo with a flathead tone ring - a bluegrass banjo. The action is low and the head is tight for a traditional bluegrass sound. Tuning knobs have been replaced with ebony to match the black finish scheme on the back of the neck. Unique inlay on the back of the resonator. Very, very slight fret-wear and head-wear from resting fingers. Finish chip on the peghead. Comes with a ProTec banjo case. Additional photos can be seen at this craigslist link.

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