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Guitar Capos

Guitar Capos Numbered.jpg
  1. Kyser Quick Change Classical Guitar Capo - This is a "trigger" style capo with no radius to the pad. It can be used any instrument that has a flat fingerboard. The major drawback to this capo is that the tension is not adjustable. This means that there is often a lot of re-tuning needed when using this style capo. One-handed operation is possible with this style capo. It can be clipped to the headstock when not in use.

  2. D'Addario TriAction Capo Black - Another "trigger" style capo but this one has an adjustable thumb wheel on the spring. The wheel lets you only use as much tension as is needed and reduces the need to re-tune when using it. The bulk of this capo "hides" behind the neck and is not very apparent to the audience. One-handed operation is possible with this style capo. It can be clipped to the headstock when not in use. 

  3. D'Addario TriAction Capo Silver - Same as #2 but in a matte silver finish.

  4. G7th UltraLight Capo - This capo is barely there! It has hardly any profile to it, it has adjustable tension, and it is CHEAP! It requires both hands to adjust it on the guitar. The only thing it's lacking is the ability to store it on the instrument when not in use. 

  5. Paige Original 6-String Acoustic Capo - The "yoke" style capo is popular with bluegrass musicians and this is the most affordable version out there. The tension screw means it is self-centering and there are no bulky springs on it. When not in use, it can sometimes be stored behind the guitar's nut. If the guitar has a thicker headstock (like on a slotted peghead), it might not fit over the nut. In that case, a different style of capo would be best. It also requires 2 hands to operate effectively. 

  6. G7th Heritage Capo - This is the fancy version of the "yoke" style capo. The finish is very refined - sometimes described like jewelry. It boasts G7th's ART (adaptive radius technology) which adjusts the pad to a wide variety of guitar radii. This is a very expensive capo.

  7. G7th Performance 3 Black - This style uses a unique internal ratchet. It is squeezed into place and hold that tension. It also utilizes G7th's ART and can be stored on the headstock. One-handed operation is possible, but some users may need to squeeze with both hands. 

  8. G7th Performance Silver - The original version of the G7th Performance. The ratcheting system was reversed in versions 2 & 3. 

*Not Pictured - Shubb C1 - This is a very popular and reliable "lever" style capo. It requires two-handed operation and usually isn't stored on the guitar. 

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